In Pasadena, Ca

  No matter your experience level, come and join the fun!!


Since 2003, Arlene Santos has shared her passion and love for salsa with the community. She was the co-director of the salsAFeroz Dance Company and is a skilled teacher, performer and choreographer. Emphasizing lead and follow techniques, and stressing the importance of salsa as a social dance, she will teach you to dance with any partner. Arlene teaches with several male instructors so you always get a different style and take on salsa moves.  





  Beginner Salsa 6:30 pm Intermediate Salsa 7:30pm




  Beginner Salsa 6:30 pm Intermediate Salsa 7:30pm


  Beginner Salsa 12:30 pm

Salsa 1.5 1:30pm

Intermediate Salsa 2:30pm

4th Saturday Ladies Styling Workshop




$15 single class

$48 for 4 class pass

$100 for 10 class pass